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Artist's Statement

Living Stone

I have seen faces in rocks for a while now, or perhaps, more accurately, they have seen me. Wherever I go - in the canyons, in the mountains, or down the rivers - the faces in the desert landscape present themselves to me in various forms. They are there: the sentinels, the guardians, the warriors, the spirits. As they look out over their land, some are smiling; some are very serious. Others show anger and concern as they gaze down on the threatened terrain below.

I have learned that if I look in the right places and open my heart, and if the light is right, and most importantly, if the spirits allow me, then I will see that there is nothing inanimate about the rocks: they are alive.

My hope is that the viewer will also see and sense the "spirit" that dwells within the rocks, and in so doing, will develop a better understanding of the need for the protection of our increasingly fragile environment. While some of my work comes from the national parks and other well-known locations, the majority of it is shot in places without names, places that do not enjoy the protection they deserve. It is therefore my goal that once the viewer has made eye contact with the stone, he or she will want nothing more than to see that future generations will also be able to enjoy this experience of mystery and intimacy with the landscape.

Vadim Kin